Lost Stars Livehouse Bar & Eatery’s interior is designed by Kevin YiuMinus Workshop, whose work has been selected The Restaurant and Bar Award in 2016. He found the inspiration for the design of our livehouse in the golden triangle relationship of performer, audience and the operator, especially when Lost Stars is not only a place to dine, but also a functional livehouse for its performer and audiences.


Kevin created this unique dining experience that is akin to spending an evening in a music hall, where diners are given the opportunity to both immerse themselves in the artistic process from every moment of the performance while enjoying the exquisite flavour of our highly crafted dishes.


Elements of “rhythms and beats”, despite being found throughout the dining room, are subtly designed to complement the performer. Stage elements found in various locations may appear to be decorative at first sight, until the musician sweeps his guitar to kick off his performance which instantly transforms the space into a music stage.


Authentic materials are applied well in proportion to maintain the designer’s unique style but at the same time to carry the sound-prove magic; a well-planned bar serves as both a beautiful feature and a functional loop to cater the large group of customers during showtime, as well as a pre-functional area during the waiting moment.

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